No Quarters Required! Episode 45 – The Return of NQR! 1

So, did ya miss us? Yeah…we missed you guys and gals too. Well, we….are….BACK!!! That’s right the guys are back in town and returning to business as usual. Episode 45 of The No Quarters Required! Gaming Podcast has returned! We are going to try to get back to a 2 […]

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Blank Your Game Episode 49 – We are Back

Hello out there in radio land. The whole Blank Your Game crew is back. We have a full cast this show and it was great. Just like the old shows we have a few drinks, Jason and I get into it a little bit (because I had too much to […]

Blank Your Game Episode 48 – The Lazy Podcast

Hey everyone, if anyone is there haha. Well as the title states, this is the lazy episode. What happen was that I recorded the show and just never edited or posted it. Just got Lazy and dealing with my kids. But here is the show that was recorded months ago. […]

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Blank Your Game Episode 47 – E3 Talk with NQR! 6

Welcome back gaming enthusiasts! We have a pretty cool surprise for you all today. In this, the 47th episode of The Blank Your Game Podcast we have tons of content and all of it is regarding the recent announcements made at E3. But what’s great about that is that in […]