Blank Your Game Episode 24 – Swans to War Z 4


Hey gamer’s whats new? We have a new show for you in which we talk about what we been playing and drinking. This show we talk about the alpha build of The War Z and Ryan liked what he saw and bought the game right away. Blank Your Game play’s The Unfinished Swan which we enjoyed. Blank Your Game talks more about Borderlands 2, and we revisit Payday the Heist. We also talk about the new update on the Playstation network. Which say goodbye to Folding @ Home(Life with Playstation). Kotaku had a anonymous user chat with a executive that worked high up in a gaming company. He would answer any questions people had which is a great topic. Then we finish up the show with answering a user question from UnTechSavy. Which he ask us about what we think about using GameFly. If you have a question you want us to answer. Leave us a question in the comments and we will talk about it on the next show.  This podcast is brought to you by Lagunitas, we also enjoy Guiness and Blue Moon as well. So tell us what your drinking and enjoy the show.


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4 thoughts on “Blank Your Game Episode 24 – Swans to War Z

  • otherZinc

    This comment is brought to you by; Tropicana Pure Premium 100% Florida Orange Juice:No Pulp with Calcium & Vitamin D.

    What Ive Been Playing:
    Watching Forward Unto Dawn, over & over again
    Block Destruction
    Halo:Anniversary, preping for Halo 4

    Great show as usual. My comment is from the previous show. One of the guys said he got burned by the 360 at launch.

    The 360 didnt have the same ole games form last gen. COD2 was better than every army game from last gen, clearly. Perfect Dark had non scripted co-op play where the 2nd player was doing something totally different than the other player.

    Even games like Kameo were great & still holding up today. Also, the games that followed in the spring were great with Ghost Recon:AW & fall with Bishock & Gears. The 360 was loaded with games that other consoles didnt have for a very long time.

    Even now the others cant compete on the features stage with 360 & Live has no =, period.

    With series like Forward Unto Dawn that cost M$ $10million, its free! If thats where my XBOX Live money is going; among other things, I’m excited to continue my donation.

    I hope you guys play Halo 4 and watch Forwad Unto Dawn. Also, play the other up & coming games of the fall to talk about other than the Zombie game you guys are playing. COD is coming with a Zombie story mission thats going to make me buy 2 copies on Nov 13th.

    Looking forward to the next show…

  • untechsavy

    Man! Shoulda seen the line outside gameslut tonight for Halo 4, i was just grabbing something to eat at a nearby store