Blank Your Game Episode 28 – Starting The New Year Right 3


Hey fellow gamer’s what is going on. Blank Your Game starts the new year off a man down but we still come at it strong. Blank Your Game would like to start off Thanking everyone who comes to the site and listens and comments. Ryan, Vince, and Mike talk about what they been playing. Ryan talk’s about flying around in Far Cry 3, his experience with the The Walking Dead. Ryan also visit’s Resident Evil 6 but he just scratch the surface of the game. Vince hasn’t played much but he does revisit Battlefield 3Payday the Heist(with Mike).  Mike visit’s Sleeping Dogs which he is having a great time with. He also checks out Quantum Conundrum which is so so on his radar. Mike also checks out Legend of Grimrock which is a old school RPG with a new twist. Afterwards  Blank Your Game talks about the VGA’s and how The Walking Dead took game of the year. Then Blank Your Game talks about which game’s they look forward for 2013. So enjoy the show and tell us what you think leave us a comment on the site or iTunes and tell us what you think and help spread the word. 


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3 thoughts on “Blank Your Game Episode 28 – Starting The New Year Right

  • otherZinc

    What I’ve Been Playing:
    Forza Horizon- beat it
    Halo 4
    Forza 4
    Sky Landers- watching my daughter play

    About to listen to the show…

  • otherZinc

    @Ryan: I think…
    I respect that you think Halo 4 cant be game of the year. This is why its my game of the year:

    The story is great. Introducing The Didac, The Librarian, The Forrunners, The Prometheans. The gameplay is still better than everything else. The multiplayer is still great. Spartan Ops, Spartan Ops Movies, Spartan Ops Co-op. Forward Unto Dawn. New Spartan Ops releasing January 21st. Halo 4 can and will be played for a very long time.

    We are to great of Halo players to play the game in any other mode other than Heroic or Legendary. I started the game on Heroic, then ran it right back on Legendary. My daughter (10) and I beat the campaign on Heroic co-op. Now, my daughter & I play Spartan Ops every other day beating a few chapters.

    Gamertag: WOLVERINE23975

    Mass Effect 3 is my runner-up GOTY

    No, to me, it isnt possible for Journey nor The Walking Dead to be GOTY. When I tell someone to play said game, that game better last them a longtime or my reputation is ruined. So far, people always thank me for buying their friends or kids the correct games. Ive been batting 1000 for a years now. But, to each his own, thats what makes shows like this & a few others great, giving opinions.

    This was a great show…

    Also, Sam Fisher will do just what Morgan Park said; “drop down on Snakes head, Killing him”.

    till next time…