Blank Your Game Episode 31 – Lazy Days 3



Hey gamer’s how is it going? Blank Your Game is back with a other episode of the Blank Your Game podcast and we are sorry about being late with the show. In this episode Mike said something which he had to edit out and he got lazy on doing it in time. Needless to say Blank Your Game brings you a 100% on this show even though Ryan couldn’t make it. Vince starts the show off with what he’s been playing and its a bit for Vince which we are surprised. Vince just had a birthday so Blank Your Game picks him up a copy of Dead Island which he enjoyed a lot when he tried it out on the PC. Now he put in a lot of time playing the game and talks about one of the easier ways of doubling  items. Vince go’s on a killing spree in Assassins Creed 3 and then talks about revisiting Battlefield 3 multi-player. Vince also shares with us a game he been trying out on iOS called Galaxy on Fire 2 HD. Next we head over to Jason who been on the PC the whole time.  Antichamber  on the PC is a puzzle game kind of like Portal, but Jason get’s into more detail about it. Jason been playing a lot of Spec Ops the Line. The new toy Jason picked up is a new Windows 8 Surface tablet and gives us his review about it. Jason also talks about which PC games he been playing on the Surface. Then Mike talks about what he has been playing which is much of what he talked about on the last show. Hitman absolution is what he just finish playing but feels it was okay. Then Mike tells us about going back to Metal Gear Peace Walker HD on the Playstation 3. In the main topic section of the show we mostly focus on what Sony will be coming out with on the 20th of February  Also we talk about the leaked photos of the new Playstation prototype controller. So leave us some feed back and tell us what you think about the show what’s your like and dislikes. Also just tell us what you been playing we love to hear from you.  Until next time enjoy the show.


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3 thoughts on “Blank Your Game Episode 31 – Lazy Days

  • otherZinc

    Right on time, about to get some work done.

    What Ive been playing:
    Halo 4: Spartan Ops Episode 9 & 10, also, watching those great videos.
    Watching Destiny videos
    Purchased: SkyLanders Giants Tripple Pack w/Zap, Scorpion Striker, & Hot Dog, my daughter wants Hot Dog bad!


  • otherZinc

    Yes, I can play Halo 4 all day sometimes. Spartan Ops online is great. Now, it can be boring as hell playing on Normal but Heroic & Legendary is fantastic. Also, its better in co-op.

    Gears Of War Judgment 2 copies. 2 copies for the campaign co-op with my kids and Horde Mode.

    Bioshock Infinite is a game I’m looking at as well.
    Tomb Raider I’ll give a look also.

    I’m going to play Ninja Gaiden or Mass Effect series over.