Blank Your Game Episode 32 – Happy Saint Patrick’s 2



Hey gamer’s how is it going? Blank Your Game is back with a new episode for you. We took a little break because of the fact that we had lost the orginal episode 32. So happy Saint Patrick’s day to you all and from the Blank Your Game Crew we wish you a happy and very drunk day! On to what’s going on. In this episode the guy’s talk about what they have been playing and then get into it about Playstation 4. We know that its a bit late but hey! We lost the last show so we had to do it again. Mike from the show talks about how much he likes Tomb Raider and then jumps into Real Racing 3 for the iOS.  Vince then talks about playing Battlefield 3 End Game. Jason talks about the new kickstarter of The Adventures of Dash and briefly talks about the beta of Human Element(which the beta is not out yet). As always crack open a beer and get drunk with us and enjoy the show.


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