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Hey gamers how is it going? The Blank Your Game crew is back with a other great episode for you. This week we are a man down but that wont stop us. The Blank Your Game crew start off with what we been playing and then talk about some news. Through out the show we talk about Telltale Games, from poker night at the inventory to poker night 2, Walking dead and The Wolf Among Us hence the title of the show. The guys also talk about the new screen shots they saw coming from GTA V this week and the weird video they had release as well. The guys also tackle the subject of the Sega and Gearbox class action lawsuit for Aliens Colonial Marines, that one man has started. Vince starts off the show with what he been playing which has been more BattleField 3. He has also started playing the Walking Dead and is on the second episode, then talks about Heavy Rain, the Guacamelee demo. Ryan been playing Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon and using cyber hearts like crazy! Ryan also revisits Minecraft on the 360, he has also been really enjoys Defiance on the 360 as well and Injustice gods among us. Mike has been playing Poker Night at the Inventory and Poker Night at the Inventory 2. He also revisits a older game which is Metro 2033 which he been have a good time with, But not as much as Magic the Gathering Duels of the Planeswalker 2013. So check out our show tell us what you think of it. If you are downloading it from iTunes you don’t have a problem but I am sorry to the people who visit the site you have to log in to listen to the show to. Its so that we don’t have problems with people trying to crash out site. If you want to find out more information about us read the show notes below.  Again Enjoy the show and tell us what you been playing we want to know.


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5 thoughts on “Blank Your Game Episode 35 – Telltale the Greatest

  • otherZinc

    What I’ve been playing:

    Forza 4
    Bioshock 1 today

    Gears Of War Judgment:
    Single player is fantastic. The addition of the Declassified Missions within the regular missions are great. Those missions are almost like its own Horde Mode, but it is not, however, its great.

    I dont play multiplayer much anymore but my son & guys on my friends list play a lot.

    Its great, I’ll beat that with my daughter sometime this summer or after school is out.

    Omission of Horde Mode:
    This could be the worst decision ever made in video game history! Why would someone omit such a great thing. This burns me up, I’ll stop playing after I complete the game in co-op mode. My friends still send me invites to play Horde Mode in Gears 3.

    I’d give it a 10 if it had Horde Mode.
    I’ll give it an 8 due to the omission of Horde Mode.

    I Hate the classes! Everyone should be able to heal & rebuild barriers! However, its worth $60.

  • otherZinc

    Forza 3 is fantastic, if it werent for Forza 4 I’d still be playing that.

    I hope you guys can hold a special podcast session on Tuesday after the 720 Reveal and upload it so we can listen at work on Wednesday. I asked this of the quickbuckshot podcast also. Maybe all of you can have a single podcast.

    It would be great to have a snap assessment of the reveal then come back next week after processing all the information, having a different thought.

    Great show again:
    Also, keep making comparisons & predictions for the big three on the upcoming holiday release 2013 time for the Wii U, PS4, & 720 (if its called 720).

    Also, I’m going in on Bioshock 1 today for a few hours if everything goes well & time permits!

    Keep up the good work.

    • Michael Fedor Post author

      You want us just seeing what the difference of the games, or the systems. I think Ryan and Jason and myself will watch the difference in game videos when they show some but as of now I think just the systems. I will try to talk to some of the guys to see if they will want to do a show on Tuesday. After I get out of class I am going to watch it. I am still working my way through the first metro 2033. I hope you really enjoy bioshock, man I love the whole under the sea theme and when you meet the little sisters I save them all I know some people harvest them.

  • otherZinc

    Oh, I beat Bioshock 1 harvesting & not harvesting the little sisters. I think I got a 100pt achievement for not harvesting them, I think. Bioshock 1 is one of the greatest games ever created, in my opinion.

    720 Reveal,
    Yes, talk about everything if you can. If you guys dont have enough time, cut the podcast & tell us, Part 2 of the PS4 720 comparisons will be in 2 days or next week or whatever.

    I just think it would be great if we had everyone’s initial thoughts right away. Also, it would give us something to listen to at work.