Aliens colonial Marines – WTF!?!

There is no nice way to put this. Aliens Colonial Marines is the most horrid aborted feces I have had the displeasure of playing in quite a long time. And that is saying a lot coming from me who tends to like games that most others do not. I have […]



Blank Your Game Sleeping Dogs Review 1

Open world Hong Kong is your playground, and it’s fun. Sleeping dogs is one of those games that is enjoyable to those that love open world games, brawlers, and racers all into one. United Front Games, developers of Little Big Planet Karting and Modnation Racers show that they can make just as good of open […]

How I Play Now YouTube Page

Hey everybody has a new YouTube page to share with you.  Ryan Flaherty from the Blank Your Game podcast is trying to do something on the side. So he came up with How I Play Now. Now he is still working on his site and will still be doing the Blank Your Game podcast, but he does have a YouTube page up and running. Now he has worked on two episodes now.  Episode 1 he talks about Skyrim and Sleeping dogs with some great video of game play. Then in episode 2 Rayn talks about Halo 4. So check out his page, Like the videos and Subscribe to his channel. The web site will be coming soon, in the mean time like How I Play Now Facebook page.


How I Play Now Episode 1



How I Play Now Episode 2



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First Look!! Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Demo for the Nintendo 3DS

  Hello Everyone! I know I have said for some time now that I would be writing a review or my own personal thoughts and musings on the site. Since that time I failed to produce anything… Until now!! Though who would have thought I would be writing about a […]