Aliens colonial Marines – WTF!?!

There is no nice way to put this. Aliens Colonial Marines is the most horrid aborted feces I have had the displeasure of playing in quite a long time. And that is saying a lot coming from me who tends to like games that most others do not. I have […]



Far Cry 3 : And I Rejoice!!

While video games are my favorite pass time it is becoming very hard for me to focus simply on one game. With More refreshing innovations happening in gameplay I find that I’m spending less time with a game only to move on to another. Part of that of course is […]


What’s your gaming rig?

We have all seen this ultimate setup around the net. So I been thinking what are your guys setup look like or even list it. List off the systems you got, upload a picture I don’t care. Let’s just see what your working with.

First Look!! Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Demo for the Nintendo 3DS

  Hello Everyone! I know I have said for some time now that I would be writing a review or my own personal thoughts and musings on the site. Since that time I failed to produce anything… Until now!! Though who would have thought I would be writing about a […]