No Quarters Required

Welcome everyone! On behalf of Chase, Daze, and Exodus I would like to formally welcome you to the official release of our all new podcast, No Quarters Required!. As our association with The Gaming Goons Podcast came to an unfortunate end we decided that we want to keep on doing a podcast, shortly thereafter No Quarters Required! was born. For fans of The Gaming Goons Podcast nothing will be different, we are keeping the same long free form format that you’ve grown to love from the old GG podcast. We are still building the some aspects of the show like a new logo, iTunes integration, and the Facebook and Twitter accounts but the production of new episodes is in full swing.
So let’s get on with it!

No Quarters Required! Episode 45 – The Return of NQR! 1

So, did ya miss us? Yeah…we missed you guys and gals too. Well, we….are….BACK!!! That’s right the guys are back in town and returning to business as usual. Episode 45 of The No Quarters Required! Gaming Podcast has returned! We are going to try to get back to a 2 […]

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No Quarters Required! Episode 44 – Metrico & The Last of Us Remastered 1

Welcome back everyone. Sorry about the delay, again. With the summer drought continuing it has been hard finding enough topics to form a show. But since we hadn’t done an episode in so long I felt obligated to get you guys another show. So Episode 44 of the No Quarters […]

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No Quarters Required! Episode 43 – Watch_Dogs & E3!!! 6

So a three week wait isn’t too bad is it? It’s better than the 3 month wait between shows before that, that’s for sure! Anyhow, we are back and just in time for some pre-E3 talk. That’s right, E3 is just days away and all the gaming companies are jostling […]

No Quarters Required! Episode 42 – Remember us? 6

Ah, remember us? Maybe some of you have forgotten but we used to do this little video game podcast a few months back. Then I got really lazy and decided to take an unannounced break, well we are back at it again and we are knocking on your door with […]

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