Far Cry 3 : And I Rejoice!!


While video games are my favorite pass time it is becoming very hard for me to focus simply on one game. With More refreshing innovations happening in gameplay I find that I’m spending less time with a game only to move on to another. Part of that of course is the want to keep current on the latest game styles. However for me that leads to more and more unfinished games that just add to a pile of shame I hide in my closet. For me that doesn’t mean the game isn’t fun more like there is something missing that I am yearning for from my game play experience. I can say now that yearning has been met in Far Cry 3.

As a person who’s favorite game’s do consist of the Elder scrolls games and Halo/COD’s among other first person shooters, Far Cry 3 takes the best of those worlds by giving the player a massive open world to explore along with an arsenal at your disposal to rid the island of pesky pirates and save your friends. You’ll also delve into the mysteries of the island and it inhabitants. There are over 40 different species of animals that also live on or around the island that you will freely hunt (or in some cases it will hunt you) to acquire pelts in order to upgrade your gear. For example you can only carry one gun in the beginning and in order to carry two you’ll need a goat pelt. You’ll upgrade all your loot bags holsters etc. in this fashion.
You will also gain experience through your battles that will earn you skill points to be put across three skill trees to improve your silent kills, weapon proficiency and healing/damage abilities. Which come in handy when a Tiger wants to rip your limb off.
Though not all is well with the game. Some rare glitching on NPC responses and climbing vines and ladders can be frustrating at times since it doesn’t always recognize when you want to use one. The menu system can be a hassle as everything is broken down into sub groups making it a rather timely task to navigate.
Even with that said I find it very hard to put down. The story is interesting. The characters are believable and at times relatable. The voice acting is amazing. On top of all that great game mechanics. I’d say for anyone who likes a big immersive experience the game is right up your alley.

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