No Quarters Required! Episode 13: Dishonored & XCOM! 24

Welcome back gamers! Episode 13 of The No Quarters Required! Gaming Podcast is now available and with 100 percent more Exodus! That’s right, the crew is back and we have tons to talk about. We all know that October is loaded with new releases and while we don’t cover them all we do manage to talk about some of the bigger games that have been released so far. In this episode we cover Dishonored, XCOM, The Walking Dead Episode 4, Medal of Honor: Warfighter Beta, Forza Horizon Demo, The Unfinished Swan, Sunflowers, and the newly released DLC for Borderlands 2 as well as many other titles. On top of all of the games coming out we also take time to check out the latest gaming news. Hear our opinions on the Halo 4 leak, EA’s free game giveaway issue and Sony’s lawsuit against Bridgestone and actor Jeremy Lambert who is best known as Kevin Butler. All this and so much more on NQR 13.

So what are ya waiting for? Download the podcast now and get listening! If you wanna get the podcast on iTunes you can go there and get it as well but remember to leave us a comment while your there.  If you have any questions and/or comments please feel free to send them to or post them in the comments section below.

Podcast run time:  5 hours & 20 minutes
Music : Quittin Time by Patrick Lee


  • What everyone has been playing
  • Gaming Impressions
  • Demo Impressions
  • Halo 4 Leaked
  • New 360 bundles coming for the holidays
  • Lightbox Ent. hit with layoffs
  • EA mistakenly gives out tons of free games
  • Battlefield 3 DLC release date announced
  • Devil May Cry demo to hit in January
  • Singstar to go free to play
  • Best Buy goes to war with Amazon
  • and so much more!

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24 thoughts on “No Quarters Required! Episode 13: Dishonored & XCOM!

  • T-Cal

    From Esp 12(Xbox Live Rebate) – Every penny counts!
    – Purchase a prepaid PSN/XBL with your credit card, 1% – 2% cash back
    – Purchase at Best Buy, x2 with Gaming Rewards
    – Xbox Live give you, 1% – 2% back
    Con – Pay your credit card balance within 30 days……

  • untechsavy

    I’m playing Transformers Fall of Cybertron, Transformers War for Cybertron and Tekken tag 6. My mutant power is ignoring those STUPID fukn facebook game invites. Another good show. Thanks guys. !

  • untechsavy

    I recently played Warhawk too…. LLS@ DAZE talking about how he waited forever to buy a HDTV too, I did the SAME SHYT! I’m like these MF’S CRAZY paying $1000 plus for a dam TV!!!?!! but I was missing soo much on Warhawk, couldn’t see the extra crap on the mini map& the extra stuff on the PSN store. I finally had to upgrade after my tube started randomly cutting off and I needed to stick a screw in the auxiliary plug in jack to make it work.
    Started feeling like my questions interfered with the flow of the show but if you want another one, I’d like to hear about what accessories and peripherals you guys bought for your PS3. I bought the clip on keyboard for the controller( Sony licenced), Move controller, with the Navi, Eye cam, some base crap that lets you stand the PS3 on it’s side and has extra USB ports, I never use it though… I’ve learned NOT to keep a PS3 standing on it’s side….. ever…. I got the USB mic that came with Def Jam Rap Star too, a couple PSP’s, a PSP GO and of course my beloved Vita which I Still have not updated with the latest firmware. The reason why I was saying I like the old boomerang controller is because of the form factor, they could add waay better rumble in that extra space or add memory into the controller so you can have your controller set up exactly the way you like it if you play on another console. I’m sure they could probably save that in the cloud for you, but they don’t… or maybe they could have put that extra RAM in there that the PS3 didn’t have once the price of RAM dropped low enough… so you could then do voice chat with the controller or there is an endless possibility what could have been done with that extra space IMO…….

  • otherZinc

    What Ive been playing:
    Watching Forward Unto Dawn! Absoluteley Amazing Film seen on XBOX Live!
    Halo 3
    Watching Forward Unto Dawn is another reason my level of Hype for Halo 4 is off the charts!


    Look! If Halo 4 isn’t Great As Ever!, I’ll cry LOUD & openly! I’ll be massively disappointed!

    Halo 4, what I’m expecting:
    Great Single Player
    Great Campaign Co-op
    Great Spartan Ops
    Great Co-op Spartan Ops
    Great Multi-player: though I dont play multi much anymore
    Great Forge
    50 or so episodes of Spartan Ops? come on thats great!
    War games mode
    Halo 4 is offering too much, a few of these categories must be amazing, must be. So yes, it will be a major letdown if this game isn’t everything it looks to be. So far Halo 4 is looking amazing in every way.

  • otherZinc


    On co-op gaming:
    Chase, you mentioned Lost Planet 2. Lost Planet 1 on the 360 was fantastic, and was a quality game from start to finish. Lost Planet 2 was terrible from the beginning, so bad, my son & I refused to play it! Horrible game!

    There’s no reason The Last Of Us should not be co-op, none! I’d like for you guys to play Rainbow Six:Vegas 2 on the 360, play co-op. Get 4 players & play Terrorist Hunt or one of the co-op modes on R6:V2 or R6V1 & see how expansive the levels are. Players can be all over the map in co-op, open doors, shoot breaking doors, enemies all over the place, players can go damn near anywhere. I’ll guarantee you this will not be possible in Rainbow Six:Patriots thats releasing next Spring! I’ll guarantee it!

    You guys can even play Ghost Recon:Future Soldier, its by far the worst game in the entire series. You can look at my Ghost Recon achievements & see how much I played GR1 & 2 vs GR:FS. Its so damn restricted its unplayable to those of us that purchased all of the Ghost Recon games.

    Ghost Recon:AW2, we played 12 player co-op that was badass! Now, its only 4 player side co-op…what a POS!

    If Rainbow 6: Patriots has the mobility of Rainbow 6:Vegas 2, I’ll shut my mouth forever, & bow down to all things M.A.G. & Warhawk…2 terrible games.

    • Draven71 (@Draven71)

      I really did like R6:V2 on the 360, a lot more than on the PS3. There was tons of stuff to do in that game for sure. The fact that we haven’t seen anything from R6:Patriots really does make me worried for that game. I loved Ghost Recon: AW2 but was massively disappointed with GR:Future Soldier. I’m just fading away from 3rd person shooters lately, I find them to be really clunky compared to 1st person shooters.

      As for The Last of Us. Not every game has to be co-op just because there are more than one character on the screen. Looking at Naughty Dog’s portfolio this gen you can clearly see that they have chosen to make a particular types of games that focus more on a cinematic narrative that’s based on the perspective of their leading character. By adding co-op that will make that narrative experience muddled and less immersive. However I would definitely love to see Naughty Dog design a game that is focused around co-op mechanics.

      What’s your thoughts on Forza Horizon?

      • Michael Fedor

        I don’t think that Last of Us is going to have co-op. the reason I say this is Jason from the Blank Your Game podcast was over and we where talking about it. The little girl is not much of a fighter. In the videos we saw of them, she is hiding a lot of the time. She is throwing bricks at the guys and using a knife on the side. I think she is going to be like a extra attack that you can use with her. Cause think about it, if she attacks a guy she can’t put him in a headlock or anything like that. If she grabs a guy, he would just throw her across the room. Your going to have to watch her a lot and protect her, maybe even play with her(ok that sound dirty). Like she is going to have to squeeze into a place and then open the door for you. But who knows this is just my opinion.

  • otherZinc

    Forza Horizon is fantastic! I beat that demo to death, raced every race & drove ever road available, great. However, havent bought the game yet, I have a bunch of work to finish. I hope to buy it in the next few days, if not, its HALO 4 Time! I’ll still buy Horizon though.

    As for Naughty Dog, good games but when is the next step coming from them? That next step should be campaign co-op. The immersiveness is taken a little with the 2nd character added. With that 2nd character missing would add to more intense moments. However, we’ll see how it turns out.

  • otherZinc


    That’s even better: what if we could control the girl & only have the power to throw small s*** to distract the enemy, that would be hilarious!

    Or, how about the make the girl like Blaze Fielding from Streets Of Rage & she just beats the enemy to death? Come on, there are several things they can do with this title & Uncharted:Next games.

  • otherZinc

    If you want to find the game youre playing on the XBOX Dash: simply push “A”. Push the “A” button.
    The game comes on “directly to the game in the console”. Push A.

    My daughter is 10. She moves the pictures til she sees Games, New releases, Demos; Then, push “A”. From there she can try everything from A-Z. Then, if you have Kinect, you can move left to “Bing” & say the game you want & it will pull up Every Game & Movie for you to select with the “A” button.

    M$ Points:
    I hope never goes away. This way kids can use as they like with “no credit card”.

    Also, we can already use our credit card to buy dlc from the console. I hope the points feature stays.
    M$ will not change your points to money, if so, they’ll give money & you pay the rest with credit card.

  • otherZinc

    Games will always be stolen & played early.
    New Games get lost in shipping, UPS, FEDEX, & so on.

    If you rip a DVD 9, dont get on XBOX Live!

    343 will never kill The Master Chief, period!

  • otherZinc

    On Wii U: Not having complete Voice Chat:
    Its garbage & I most certainly not buy a Wii U for that and many other things. So, no for me.

    Also, 1 Wii Pad per console & no option to purchase another. Nintendo doesnt even know if you can use 2 WiiPads for 1 console.

  • otherZinc

    Great Show, at the end now.

    Watch Forward Unto Dawn on XBOX Live. Also, the rest of the podcast crew, what do you think? Have that on the next show, request…

  • otherZinc

    Doom 3 is fantastic on 360.
    I’ll get it later just for the Achievements. Doom 3 is backwards compatible on the 360 & I have 2 copies for “campaign co-op”.

    Co-op is absent from the BFG Doom 3 edition…I wonder why!
    Glad the Reg XBOX Version works on 360!

    Forward Unto Dawn is on its 4th episode, start at Episode 1.

    Now about to listen to the Blank Your Game Podcast.