No Quarters Required! Episode 19 – Happy New Year! 16

Happy New Year’s everyone! Hopefully this past holiday season was a fun but safe one for ya, and hopefully you got to play tons of video games. The first new episode of The No Quarters Required! Gaming Podcast for 2013 is finally here and we have a ton of content for ya! As always we start of by talking about the games that we have been playing, you’ll hear Daze talking about Sleeping Dogs and Quantum Conundrum and I chime in on Medal of Honor: Warfighter, LittleBigPlanet Vita and Forza Horizon. Plus Chase and Exodus have plenty to share about the games they have been experiencing as well. We also get into a pretty good discussion about the state of the Wii U and where it seems to be heading. Rounding out the end of the show is the latest gaming news including some stuff from CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

During the show I mentioned that I would post links for a few of the items announced at CES that we talked about. Check them out.

Tomb Raider Multiplayer –

NVidia Shield –

Xi3 Mini Computers –

So what are ya waiting for? Download the podcast now and get listening! If you wanna get the podcast on iTunes you can go there and get it as well but remember to leave us a comment while you’re there.  If you have any questions and/or comments please feel free to send them to or post them in the comments section below.

Podcast run time:   5 hours & 13 minutes

Music : Quittin Time by Patrick Lee


  • What everyone has been playing
  • Gaming Impressions
  • Demo Impressions
  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter
  • Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation
  • Forza Horizon
  • Reader questions
  • WiiU concerns
  • and so much more!

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16 thoughts on “No Quarters Required! Episode 19 – Happy New Year!

  • NinjaLuvzCrack

    Another year goes by, and this is still the best podcast on the internet.
    What I’ve been playing: Bioshock 2, NBA 2K13

  • otherZinc

    What Ive been playing:
    Forza 4
    Halo 4- Legendary co-op with my daughter
    Fez- tried demo

    Fez is terrible! I tried it because a site said it was in their top 10 games of the year & Halo 4 wasnt…wtf ever!

    I agree. They talk games all the damn time, I dont care if its a game I have no interest in, they still talk games!

    On Topic before I listen to the show…
    Wii U Concerns:
    Yes, the stores are loaded with both versions of the Wii U. Now, how the hell are they going to get rid of these unsold consoles with the impulse buying of the holiday season gone? The Wii U is in massive trouble.

  • T-Cal

    Playing – Halo 4, BO2, & Walking Dead
    @Draven – How’s PSAS? I saw your trophies on the Vita. Funny, mostly of my PSN friends played the Vita than the PS3 ver

    • Draven71 (@Draven71)

      I’ve been working my way through Halo 4 as well. As for PSAS, my nephew had some Christmas money burning a hole in his pocket and he wanted me to bring him to Gamestop so he could spend it. He ended up getting PSAS, when he found out it came with the Vita version for free he gave it to me so we could play together. That’s why I have the Vita version and not the PS3 version. I’ll chat about it a little on the next show.

  • T-Cal

    Django – Loved it! I was more impressive with Dicaprio & Jackson’s performance. Foxx wasnt great or bad, but overshadowed by Waltz, Dicaprio, & Jackson. Spike is on some B.S.
    Walking Dead – I finished the game this past weekend. Great game! Easy 100% or platinum. Hoping for a sale on PSN. I want do a second playthrough with different decisions. The game spark an interest for the TV show.
    @Chase – What it do! I havent forget(RBB)
    @Exodus – Going to Final Round, March 28, 2013? Me, I’m thinking about it…

  • otherZinc

    Yes, please continue to give what the actual price of these games should be!

    Wii U:
    It will be possible for a greedy development team to make a weak version of a game to capitalize on the number of possible sales a game could have per console available on the market. However, they will get exposed by the new Halo, Gears, GoW, GT, Forza, games etc. Those exclusive games will really bring the true value of “said” console game to live, thus exposing the weakness of the Wii U.

    Wii U:
    Also, I agree, they must end the regular Wii sales, it only confuses the consumer as Chase167 brought out with the Soccer Mom at GameStop.

    I think the Wii U is a super fail. When you guys go to Best Buy, there’s no one playing the Wii U demo unit, no one! When a new console is released, theres always a massive crowd around the new console demo unit; Wii U…nothing. Ive never seen more than 1 person playing or looking at the Wii U in stores.

    Also, I forgot who said this…Journey & The Walking Dead have characters that you care about. Guys, my daughter was so sad that (…………….), I had to lie to her for the first time in my life, saying “Cortana & The Master Chief” (spoiler potential Draven71, I omitted what I was going to say). Also, that story is moving, great

    Glad you guys mentioned “Dave” word on the street is you guys have him held hostage in an empty warehouse! Tell Em otherZinc said whats up…

    I agree, the reason Halo 4 & Black Ops 2 weren’t GOTY winners all over the place is the game is damn near perfect. However, the story in Halo 4 was told better than any Halo game, though the mechanics are still the same, but why change perfection, just continue to improve the story & settings as 343 has done.