No Quarters Required! Episode 29 – A week of E3 greatness!! 8

Hello everyone! Well, E3 has finally come to a close and it surely didn’t disappoint!! As always the No Quarters Required! crew comes to ya with Episode 29, which features our opinions on all press conferences that happened on Monday as well as some of the gaming news that dropped after the conferences concluded. Later in the show Morgan and Daze show up to make their opinions known as well. So sit back and enjoy!

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Podcast run time:   4 hours &   34 minutes

Music : Quittin Time by Patrick Lee


  • Our opinions of everything that is E3!!!

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8 thoughts on “No Quarters Required! Episode 29 – A week of E3 greatness!!

  • NinjaLuvzCrack

    What I’ve been playing: NBA 2K13, Borderlands 2, LBP Karting, & Mass Effect 3
    Xbox One sucks and PS4 is awesome.

  • otherZinc

    What I’ve been playing:
    Watching and reading everything E3.

    @Exodus 340
    Having stars on your stage is huge, its advertising. Almost the same as kids buying Jordans and not old enough to have seen him play. Endorsing products bring new potential buyers in.

    Also, my daughter didn’t like the show because they didn’t show Kinect games! That’s a successful market for M$. We have 11 Kinect games, the only one that doesn’t work is Sonic Rders, the others work great. I never play but her and her friends play and can’t wait for Kinect ONE.

    XBOX ONE has a very impressive game lineup.

    • Exodus340 (@Exodus340)

      Drake coming out on the stage did nothing for me, but i was shocked when my niece immediately ran to the TV just to see what he was talking about. its crazy how marketing works…

      i feel like M$ will have games thats family oriented i think the just went hard to the core because of the backlash they got when they had there initial reveal…

      Xbox One Does have an impressive line up. Arguably best conference too.

  • T-Cal

    Fellas, Wzup!
    Killer Instinct – It’s the #1 reason why I want a Xbox One, but I cant get past the DRM policy. Matter of fact, my internet/cable was down for 3 days last week.
    Xbox One – Is it me? I think 500 Gb HD is too small if you have mandatory installs. Also, $500 is pushing it
    PS4 – I’m sold, but I havent preorder yet… Babygirl is due, next month.

    • Exodus340 (@Exodus340)

      What’s up T-cal,

      Man when they announced killer instinct! man i felt like i could’ve jumped to the moon with how excited i was, granted i was bummed when the said it was X1 exclusive cuz i didn’t want to support the DRM practices M$ had in place since it definitely would’ve affected me.

      The price didn’t rock me cuz i was kind of expecting it

      My pS4 is already preordered now since the M$ switch im trying to see if i can get a X1 preordered. Congrats on the Baby too.

  • untechsavy

    Chase, do you the same PS3 model like the red God of War version? I forced the slide top open when I fist got by hand and it did’nt seem right…. felt like the locking mechanism would eventually wear out. Now I just hit the left side of the power bar on the front and it pops open fof you.
    I’ve been playing Batman Arkham City & Black Ops 2
    Cant wait to find out about PS4 & Vita connectivity and Metal Gear / Vita connectivity