No Quarters Required! Episode 6 – Far Cry 3 Delayed! 12

Welcome everyone!! Episode 6 of the No Quarters Required! Gaming Podcast is in the books and the guys are back and are in full gear chatting about all the latest video games and gaming news. This week we have a special guest from the old Gaming Goons Podcast days joining us, Morgan Park, who is currently writing reviews and heading up one of the podcasts over at After you listen to our podcasts you should head on over there and give theirs a listen as well.

So what are ya waiting for? Download the podcast now and get listening! If you have any questions and/or comments please feel free to send them to or post them in the comments section below.

Podcast run time:   4 hours & 58 minutes
Music : Quittin Time by Patrick Lee


  • What everyone has been playing
  • Gaming Impressions
  • Demo Impressions
  • Far Cry 3 Delayed!!
  • Unreal Engine 4 revealed!
  • Critics Choice E3 Awards revealed!
  • How bad is Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor
  • RockStar’s unique way of dealing with cheaters
  • and much, much more!

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12 thoughts on “No Quarters Required! Episode 6 – Far Cry 3 Delayed!

  • B-Ramz

    Good show guys.Been playing Ricochet HD and Gt5.
    Nice to hear from Morgan, i’ll check out the gamersheep podcast when time permits.
    keep up the good stuff.

    • Draven71 Post author

      Hey B-Ramz. I was just wondering if you participated in any of the GT Academy events before it ended last week. Simply because I haven’t gotten any of the gift cars yet and I wanted to check with someone else that has to see if they have gotten any of their gift cars yet.

  • NinjaLuvzCrack

    Thanks for the shout outs guys. Another great show!
    What I’ve been playing: Assassin’s Creed Revelations & CoD:MW3.
    @Daze I haven’t gotten too much into ACR, but I wouldn’t just skip it, at least rent it.

    • Draven71 Post author

      Ninja! What’s happening? How long is ACR? I’m looking to start a new game after I finish Alice and ACR looks like the one. Just was trying to get an idea of how long its gonna take to go through it.

      • NinjaLuvzCrack

        I just got it a few days ago, but I’ll let you know how long it took me to beat it. I don’t speed run, and I explore from time to time, so you’ll get a good idea of how long it is.

  • B-Ramz

    Hey Draven. I Missed the whole gt academy series so i did not know about any gift cars. There maybe some info on

  • T-Cal

    Yea, I purchase GC Impostors on 360, but “Thank You” PS Plus! I now have it for PS3, lol!
    Good show, fellas!
    I hope I get a code for LBP Kart