BlankYourGame 2

Mikey, Ryan, Vince, Jason. Four friends talking about the only things that truly matter in life. video games. Usually drunk. We noticed that when these powers were combined what came out of our mouths was pure comedy genius. And we have the uncanny ability to be absolutely right about everything we say even when we disagree. So we wanted to get it down on tape. But no one listens to tapes anymore so we made this web site where we offer our recordings in a cutting edge new technology that we are pretty sure we invented called a podcast that we record biweekly. Check us out on iTunes and give us a review please.

We have two great different podcast. If you like our show also check out our other show. “No Quarters Required! Podcast”.

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2 thoughts on “BlankYourGame

  • untechsavy

    Are y’all gonna be taking a podcasting break too? I’ve been playing a lot of COD for some ungodly reason, mostly because it’s already in the system. Haven’t reconnected my Vita to my network since I got it back from Sony which is why you don’t see Montezuma scores from me lately. Gotta run but before I go I’d like to say Baltimore Ravens …