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Blank Your Game Episode 47 – E3 Talk with NQR! 6

Welcome back gaming enthusiasts! We have a pretty cool surprise for you all today. In this, the 47th episode of The Blank Your Game Podcast we have tons of content and all of it is regarding the recent announcements made at E3. But what’s great about that is that in […]



Blank Your Game Episode 46 – Two for One

Hello gamers and what is going on! Sorry it’s been a while but we are back with another episode for you to enjoy. We been busy here and didn’t get a chance to upload the last show. We had to cut it short on the last show. So I decided […]

Blank Your Game Episode 45 – Two-gether again

  Hello gamer’s and friends.Blank your game is back with a new episode for you. Episode 45 two-gether again, features just Ryan and Mike. In which both guys talk about what they have been playing and talk about some of the news they have seen. Ryan talks about what he […]

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Blank Your Game Episode 44 – Gamers are Entitled

Hello gamers and Happy New Year to you all. We are back with a new episode of Blank Your Game for you. After a long break over the holiday the BYG crew are back in action. This show the BYG crew is down a man but we make due. The […]

Blank Your Game Episode 43- GTAV Spoiler Show

  Hey gamers what is going on? This is going to be a quick read here but this is just what the title says. It’s 90% talk about GTAV and we don’t hold anything back so if you have not finish the game or anything this come back to it […]

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