No Quarters Required! Episode 43 – Watch_Dogs & E3!!! 6

So a three week wait isn’t too bad is it? It’s better than the 3 month wait between shows before that, that’s for sure! Anyhow, we are back and just in time for some pre-E3 talk. That’s right, E3 is just days away and all the gaming companies are jostling […]

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Blank Your Game Episode 41 – Taking Away Mikes Gamer Card

  Hey boys and girls! Blank Your Game is back with a new episode for you. Episode 41 where the Blank Your Game Crew takes away Mikes gamer card, because he sucks. In this episode the BYG  crew talks about what they have been playing. Its not a whole lot […]

No Quarters Required! Episode 34 – XBox One Arrives Nov 22nd! 7

Happy September everyone! Fall is right around the corner and that can only mean one thing to us die hard gamers, games and lots of them. Over the next 10 or so weeks we are going to see a ton of new games released. The best part is that both […]

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No Quarters Required! Episode 33 – Gamescom 2013!! 7

Welcome back everyone!!! We hope you all had a great summer, I know I did. The NQR crew is fully refreshed and glad to be back to bring you Episode 33 of The No Quarters Required! Gaming Podcast.  In this episode we discuss Payday 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and […]

No Quarters Required! Episode 32 – Spoiler Special – The Last of Us

Welcome back everyone! Since we are in the middle of July and there really aren’t a whole lot of games coming out I decided to change up this episode a bit. I have been wanting to get a “Spoiler” type show off the ground for a few months now but […]

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