Grand Theft Auto V

No Quarters Required! Episode 37: Next Gen is almost here! 5

  16 Days! 23 Days! Most of us already know which console we are going to get day 1. For those of us that can’t buy both right out the gate your number is either 16 or 23 as of today. That’s right, the wait is almost over and for […]

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nqr web ban

No Quarters Required! Episode 36 – Beyond: Two Souls & Rain 6

Episode 36 is here! (Even though I say that it is episode 35 multiple times on the show) That’s right, the NQR crew is back and better than ever with another fine episode of the No Quarters Required! Gaming Podcast. In this episode you can expect more Grand Theft Auto […]

No Quarters Required! Episode 35 – Grand Theft Auto V!!! 7

Sorry for the delay folks! We had a tough time getting everyone together because we all were playing some damn small unknown game called Grand Theft something. But most of us have surfaced and lived to tell the tale of this eagerly anticipated game. There are some very light spoilers […]

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No Quarters Required! Episode 15: Halo 4 & Black Ops 2! 11

Hi everyone, the No Quarters Required! Gaming Podcast is back with Episode 15. As you may already know almost all of the fall blockbuster games have hit the retail outlets. With that the NQR crew spends ample time in this episode breaking down the pros and cons of many of […]