The Last of Us

No Quarters Required! Episode 32 – Spoiler Special – The Last of Us

Welcome back everyone! Since we are in the middle of July and there really aren’t a whole lot of games coming out I decided to change up this episode a bit. I have been wanting to get a “Spoiler” type show off the ground for a few months now but […]

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No Quarters Required! Episode 31 – The Summer Drought begins! 11

Welcome back everyone, thanks for coming to After some technical difficulties episode 31 of The No Quarters Required! Gaming Podcast is finally here with a shorter than usual show for ya. As we wind our way into July and August we find the gaming news to be ¬†pretty scarce. […]

No Quarters Required! Episode 30 – Microsoft Listens!?! 4

As the summer heats up so does Episode 30 of The No Quarters Required! Gaming Podcast. That’s because we are talking about Microsoft’s decision to reverse their policies on DRM, used games, online connectivity and family sharing. Staying with the summer theme, Naughty Dog’s red hot epic game The Last […]

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