Blank Your Game Sleeping Dogs Review 1

Open world Hong Kong is your playground, and it’s fun. Sleeping dogs is one of those games that is enjoyable to those that love open world games, brawlers, and racers all into one. United Front Games, developers of Little Big Planet Karting and Modnation Racers show that they can make just as good of open […]



Atlus Games on Sale for PSN European Store

Hey gamer’s, especially our European listeners. Atlus games is taking four games from their collection and marking them down 50% from 15/01/13 to 01/02/13. So which four games? Hey they are Atlus games so they are worth checking them out. But they are Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, Droplitz, Rock of Ages, and Trine 2. All four titles […]